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You can now download an electronic version of the Health Log!

Some of PACO’s key objectives are to improve patient-rheumatologist communication, to help patients identify their concerns living with RA and to facilitate self-management. The RA “Health Log” is one of the first tools that PACO is developing to address these issues. The Health Log has two booklets, a Permanent Booklet that a patient can use to store more permanent information such as doctors’ contact information, health history, continuing immunizations, insurance numbers, pharmacy information, etc. (see version below). The other is a "Carry Along" Booklet about the size of an address book that the patient can record general health concerns, current medications, patterns of fatigue, joint pain and swelling, physical functioning, questions to ask the rheumatologist at the next visit as well as other current information.

Members of the PACO Patient Advisory Committee have tested early versions of the Health Log and contributed feedback during the development. Their comments include: These days it’s important to have your health history in your hand whenever you see a doctor.” Others mentioned a personal need to keep track of test results because medical institutions change computer systems, and then cannot access results.


An electronic version of the Health Log is now available.


In addition to the paper Health Log, we have designed an electronic version – an eHealthLog – which patients can use to electronically enter and then printout their health information in preparation for  their clinic visit.  

To use the eHealthLog Click on the link below and the eHealthLog will automatically download  to your local computer. Then  fill in information to record changes in your health status and list any questions you would like to bring to your next clinic visit. Be sure to save the eHealthLog on your computer so that you can keep a record over time.


Click here to download the eHealthLog to your local computer.


The paper version of the Health Log is now being professionally Designed. 

Below is the latest version of the refillable pocket size version of the Health Log

PACO Health LogUpload a Document to Scribd
Read this document on Scribd: PACO passport

  • Click here Professionally Designed Health Log to download the "refillable pocket sized" Booklet.


The Health Log was piloted  in the Arthritis Clinic with twenty-six patients Fall 2008. If you are interested in more information or would like to be notified when the final version of the Health Log is available, please click here.

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